Intel She Will Connect

Vexospark worked with hundreds of women on “Intel She Will Connect” training programs.

We received lots of great feedback:

” I really appreciate this opportunity you gave us as a young woman in our country”
-Mmapula Kgorose

“Continue doing the hard and good work to the disadvantaged rural communities. We are blessed to have met such a dedicated and passionate person like you in our lives. God Bless You!”– Thando Sechabe

” An adventure of a life time.I have learned so much from this programme and may it not be only us but to many other girls like us around the world.”- Teke Precious

“… projects like this helps the communities alot, we as the youth learn alot from people like you. Specifically I like the respect you guys have for everyone.” -Mamabolo Kholofelo

” The knowledge you provided will be resourceful to us in the future.”

“This project (SWC) indeed it will help lot of girls out there to wake up and work at their own. Keep it up continue helping others and May God good bless you more”- Moila Viola

“I liked the fact that it gives the females the opportunity to learn about computers, to be exposed in the world of internet and access important information. It also offers black girls confidence in technology and upgrades their ICT skills.”- Mabena Phindile

“I like the fact that the same people(instructor together with his assistants) who come from the same communities we are from, are willing to groom and empower women from poor communities to get access to internet and be more knowledgable about computer so that they can improve their lives and their society at large”- Mahlatse Dephney

“learning new things everyday was always the goal for my day,and i liked it when it was accomplished on a daily basis through the trainings and help from our assistants without expecting any cent in return.” – Moloto Nthabiseng

“I would like to give my greatest gratitude to the people who made this possible for us woman to be empowered. “-Thato Manyaka

“she will connect course taught me a lot about being connected especially using a computer. I am now a proudly,connected women.”- Tlaamela Dikonketso

“Vexospark is the change we’ve been longing for.Because it many will move out of their comfort will plant the seed of possibility in the minds of many. Salute to this great initiative-you’re a blessing to the people of Ga-Matlala; I support this. ‪#‎Technovation‬ ‪#‎ChangeIsHere‬ Bravo….– Kgadi Manakana

Graduation Ceremonies

Congratulations to April 2013 students

Congratulations to April 2012 students

Name Result
Boka K Pass
Dikgale S.F Pass
Dipholo M.J Pass
Letsoalo D Pass
Maboya K.T Pass
Machete S.K Pass
Madiga R.M Pass
Maesela M.M Pass
Maketa K.M Pass
Makgoba M.J Pass
Malatji L.P Pass
Malemela T.P Pass
Mangena A.D Pass
Manoko N.C Pass
Mashabela M.S Pass
Mashatola D.J Pass
Matheba P.L Pass
Mathole M.M Pass
Matjie R.G Pass
Meaga O.N Pass
Mogashoa S.M Pass
Mokgehle M.T Pass
Mokgobu P.E Pass
Molepo P.M Pass
Monyama S.J Pass
Moremi S.K Pass
Morwatshehla M.P Pass
Mothiba E.N Pass
Mothiba P.M Pass
Motimela T Pass
Mphaga M.M Pass
Mphyane M.E Pass
Ngwetjana T.R Pass
Pilusa M Pass
Ramaifo M.J Pass
Ramoshai M.E Pass
Ramotebele M.V Pass
Rapetsoa S.M Pass
Ratjatji W.M Pass
Sathekge R.M Pass
Seanego N.L Pass
Sedibane M.D Pass
Seduma M.A Pass
Seduma M.N Pass
Sedutla S.M Pass
Sekgobela W.M Pass
Selotole L.L Pass
Sethole K.M Pass
Theka M.J Pass
Thongoana L.M Pass
Tjale N.B Pass
Name Result
Dikgale M.A Pass
Dikgale M.L Pass
Dikgale R.M Pass
Dikgale E.M Pass
Legodi W.L Pass
Legong R.P Pass
Lekgothoane C.R Pass
Lekgothoane T.J Pass
Letlokoa M.I Pass
Letsoalo M.G Pass
Letsoalo M.C Pass
Letsoalo M.E Pass
Letsoalo M.P Pass
Mabitsela M.E Pass
Madia R.S Pass
Makgato M.S Pass
Malatji H.N Pass
Malatji C.M Pass
Malope M.P Pass
Mamabolo M.M Pass
Mamabolo M.J Pass
Maponya M.T Pass
Maredi L Pass
Marokane M.D Pass
Maruma N.M Pass
Masekoameng M.L Pass
Masinya N.E Pass
Matlala M.M Pass
Matsi M.E Pass
Mmola K.E Pass
Mokgadi K.E Pass
Mokwena J.R Pass
Molefe K.Z Pass
Molefe M.R Pass
Molepo N.E Pass
Mootane M.P Pass
Moshole M.L Pass
Netshianane P Pass
Pasha D.B Pass
Phoshoko R.S Pass
Rakabe M.L Pass
Ramotlhola M.R Pass
Repetsoa M.T Pass
Senyolo D.S Pass
Senyolo R.J Pass
Tepanyega N.K Pass
Tladi M.N Pass